Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Review Of The Movie The Descendants Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Review Of The Movie The Descendants - Essay Example The present research has identified that the film concept or industry is such a wide one, encompassing the motion picture industry, individual motion pictures, and film as an art. Generally, films are created by the recording or capturing of real-life images or creation of images by animation technologies or special film effects. Through being created by and on the basis of specific cultures, films are cultural artifacts, which reflect these world cultures but also affect the said cultures. Besides being a source of entertainment for families and individuals, film is an art-form that has really shot to prominence in recent times due to its influence on society. Moreover, films are educational tools not only in learning institutions but also in health facilities, correctional institutions, and domestic settings. In debates on the interrelationship between movies and society, it is important to realize that such discussions cover the genre of movies and its sub-genres such as Black and White film and speechless movies among others. The interrelationship between movies and the society is so interwoven that each certainly has a great degree of influence on the other. For instance, when people watch movies, they place or picture themselves in the situations or predicaments displayed in the movies, making them to involved, engaged in, and feel what the characters in the movies feel. As a result of the impacts movies have on peoples’ lives, a lot of focus has lately been directed at movie reviews and criticism. In fact, researches and talks have since been conducted to ascertain peoples’ views about movies, revealing quite distinct and contrasting movies. According to most responses, violence, pornography and other negative effects of movies on people minds and society outstand (Ross, 2002). However, given the expansive nature of the topic of the interrelationship between movies and society, the responses given in these researches are by far wide. Althou gh there is consensus among stakeholders that films express peoples’ feelings and experiences, some authors have adopted the stance that the film industry has quite outdone itself. That is, while some of the films and their images are real and bearable, others are fake and intolerable. For example, a such for the term ‘violent films’ using Google reveals a bout 224,000,000 results, an obviously worrying matter that should attract great public concern (Ross, 2002). The other searches with similarly many results are films about indecent acts, murder, sex, rape, and verbal offences. These critiques thus propose that as a society, people should clearly distinguish film as an art form and as a reality instead of allowing motion pictures to dictate or damage the course and progress of their lives. This paper explores the interrelationship between films and the society in addition to carrying out a film critique on the movie Descendants. The

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