Thursday, November 21, 2019

TBD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

TBD - Essay Example This paper discusses persuasively the need for people to embrace volunteering in their community in a clear and outright way. The solution to the trend of the minimizing rate of volunteering in the American society is emphasizing on the importance of volunteering to the public. This can be done through the start of volunteering clubs in various learning institution. The clubs will create a platform where the students are taught the importance of volunteering in the community. The impact of this will be a generation that embraces voluntary work in their community thus this culture will be evident in years to come (Paxton, 14-15). Also, learning institution should support and motivate the students who are volunteering. This may be done by recognizing their efforts and awarding them individually with certificates of merit. It is evident that when students get to be involved in volunteering while they are young the future Corporate Social Responsibility is in good hands. Companies also should encourage their staff to be involved in volunteering through setting up of workshops to teach them on the importance. This is an open forum where every staff member will participate and give his contribution on the topic. Also, companies should set up programs of Corporate Social Responsibility in their locations. This will create opportunities for the locals to volunteer for the benefit of the development of the area (Brummel, par 4). It is evident that companies that embrace Corporate Social Responsibility have a competitive edge in the market space as it leads to a good reputation of the company. Some of the remarkable CSR companies can be involved in is the setting up recycling plants that will help in conservation of the environment. Another one is providing habitat for humanity. This involves building of affordable homes to the low-income families in the

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