Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Impact of Social Media and Viral Marketing on the Film Industry Essay - 1

The Impact of Social Media and Viral Marketing on the Film Industry - Essay Example of the most recent development in the field of marketing, but some of its components such as social media and viral marketing have been of the most considerable significance to marketing. In the current global society, the use of social media and viral marketing is arguably an effective means of getting consumers (Griffith, 2011). Social media in this specific case can be described as internet based technologies designed to foster social interaction between individuals or organisations that facilitate effective communication links. Viral marketing can be viewed as internet based buzz-marketing techniques that strive to attain brand awareness by way of viral processes such as internet memes and memetics. One of the common ways it can be delivered is through word of mouth, but can also be enhanced by network effects (Mills, 2012). This approach to marketing is distinguished by the fact that those who initially acquire the information are urged to communicate it to others. The SPIN framework is conceived by Mills as a four stage process that can see to it that the two marketing approaches discussed above are as effective as possible. The four stages comprise of spreadability, propagativity, integration, and nexus (SPIN). The stages are aligned in order of execution so as to attain maximum marketing results. Spreadability is an attribute that define the desirable nature of the campaign meant to be spread on the internet platform. It can be further be described by two terms; likeable and shareable. The use of social media and viral marketing has become effective means of marketing predominantly because they are extensively used by the prospective customers. However, there are few barriers that restrict marketers from reaching all this audience. Hence, the campaign that is launched by the marketers has to exhibit likeability and ‘shareability’ to incite those it reaches first to like and share it. The ultimate audience reached in such a case is commendable (Mills,

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