Friday, January 31, 2020

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 15

Assignment - Essay Example However, catholic supports an appreciable number of health institutions. Fundamentally, churches are supported by the constitution under the first amendment bill that gives religious institutions the freedom of faith and religion. Therefore, the long-standing faith based principles that catholic uses to run the health institutions should be respected (Parker web). The issue would not have been so tough had the president given a constitutional leeway for church based healthcare systems. The greatest constitutional issue is that the healthcare bill is federally implemented and therefore there is no constitutional exemption for church based healthcare organizations. However, the issue would not have been so inflexible if it was state mandated. This is because the church based organizations would still enjoy their constitutional freedom by exercising constitutional laws from states that recognize their faith and moral stand (USCB web). The religious clauses of the first amendment uphold and respect the value of religious freedom as it pertains to exercise of freedom of conscience. The clauses recognize that the Almighty God gave free mind to man and therefore there should be no law whatsoever that should influence or burden consciousness. The Catholic based healthcare organizations have the constitutional right to exercise the freedom of consciousness as provided by the constitution (USCB web). However, the requirement by the healthcare bill to support health care organizations to offer birth control, the morning after pill, and sterilization, even if they are private nonprofits run by the Catholic Church goes against this religious clause. This is because it forces the Catholic Church to do what it considers fundamentally wrong. In fact, the bill touches on the issues that are of great value to the church especially the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church greatly values the sanctity of life and therefore

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