Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Nursing And Public Health Nursing - 1537 Words

Name three historical nursing leaders and explain how their contributions impacted community/public health nursing. When it comes to nursing, there have been and are a number of individuals that have made a difference in nursing and have made a positive impact on nursing itself. Some of these impacts are still around and used today. There were a number of nurses who made a positive impact and made a difference in the lives of others and have saved lives as well. Without these nurses, hospitals and doctors would not be the same and would cause a lot of difficulties in the present time. These nurses played an important and positive role in hospitals and other health care places. There were a number of nursing leaders throughout history and†¦show more content†¦According to the National Women’s History Museum, Lillian Wald, â€Å"helped establish the United State Children’s Bureau and lobbied for years for the end of child labor laws, allowing all children to attend school. She helped President Theodore Roosevelt create the Federal Children’s Bureau.† (National W omen’s History Museum, n.d.). Lillian Wald was a very well-known individual when it came to the health and well-being of children, she advocated for handicapped children as well as children who were in a deplorable living condition. She also works with Theodore Roosevelt to create the Federal Children’s Bureau. Lillian Ward made a big difference and positive impact on the lives of both children and young adults with their diseases. Dame Agnes Gwendoline Hunt is known as the pioneer of orthopedic units and dealt mainly with children and young adults and two diseases that happened in both the children and the young adults. These two diseases were tuberculosis and poliomyelitis. According to Harold Ellis, â€Å"Dame Agnes had long realized that crippled patients cannot readily travel long distances to attend out patients’.† Agnes Hunt paved the way for orthopedics and made a difference in this study of orthopedics by doing what she did. 2. Using definitions and examples from the lecture to explain the difference between population, community and aggregate. Population is defined as, focusing on the entire population, is based on

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